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Mikhael Massa

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Hello my name is Mikhael Massa.

I am the spiritual leader of the Church of Jesus Christ Germany (Jeremiah 20.7-12) The envoy Nzambe (God), the representative of the cultural Center for Traditional Medicine in Angola (Deuteronomy 18.15-20) The father instructed me To heal people. There are no incurable diseases. I do not only heal people in God Names, but at the same time they are freed from their sins and thereby find theirs (Revelation 7.3) (James 5.13-16) People experience who they are in God’s eyes, who you used to be and what is the best way for your future. All exemptions are free, Deliverance of all types do not have to be paid. (Matthew 10.8) I also offer training by allowing people to learn to heal in spirit, but this costs something.

Biblical Healing

 I heal with Biblical verses but also with water and earth, and when the Spirit commands it also with traditional plants. You get spiritual earth and water from me even though it is necessary in the healing process. All healing processes are of Biblical origin. I will Occultists and spiritualists have no chance of experiencing healing and abusing this Food of God is also a ticket to heaven this will not be given to dogs. The People who should also try to attack me in spirit should know that I am from supreme god protects the god of the universe, you should be sure to finish me otherwise they’ll give their lives, just a warning. (Deuteronomy 28: 7). People who I really want to let go of your old one. As you can see, I’m not asking for money, but I’m not averse to getting help from you. The heart and the mind that God has given you will reveal to you who I am, let us become a nation, a body in the spirit of Salamah.

About me

Matthew 10:32 Whoever confesses me before men, I want to also confess to my Heavenly Father. Isaiah 49.4 But I thought I was working in vain and was consuming my strength in vain and useless. But my right is with that LORD and my wages to my God. Matthew 12.28 But if I see the demons through the Spirit of God sprout, so the kingdom of God came to you Matthew 11: 5 the blind see and the lame go, the lepers become pure and the Hear the deaf, the dead stand up and the gospel is preached to the poor;

Church of Jesus Christ on the World

The Church of Jesus Christ in the world also has a tabernacle, it is a space of revelation a place of healing, prophecy, reports, ablutions and cleansings. This spiritual side gives you the opportunity to get healing from anywhere, to be baptized spiritually, and to be blessed. All types of diseases are cured here (cancer, AIDS, pedophiles, Mental illness, paranormal phenomena, hereditary diseases, witchcraft, paranoia, etc. in the name Tata Nzambe (God) healed of his son and the Holy Spirit. Yissayah healed without Restriction, everyone who came to him – there were no exceptions or incurable diseases for him. (Matthew 14.35-36, 15.30, Mark 5.25-29.34.)

More about our Healing Prayer

If a person according to the divine Order lives, is in harmony in its properties and itself Behaving moderately in everything, his own mind and soul are so strong that they invade foreign ones Easily recognize and drive away spirit beings or get sufficient help from angels. Defense efforts against external influences are usually so unconscious from the fact that they are at best only as a restlessness, discomfort, contradictions to the usual one Feeling, thinking and wanting or being noticed as a weakening. Where these requirements do not exist, i.e. where leave the divine order somewhere and and where properties and abilities are exaggerated or blocked – i.e. by Extreme forms up or down out of harmony – become like-minded Spirit beings are attracted to vibrations and they can become lacking in attention or insufficient resistance to nest in the human body. The state of possession or the habit of the human. Body is called ‘occupation’, ‘external influence’ or of ‘obsession’.


Healing Vibes

A mind occupies only the body or usually only a certain part of the body Organ or a function of man, but the energy, thoughts, needs, preferences, Addictions and feelings of the strange mind are transferred – presumably in terms of vibrations the people. In this way they reinforce similar or weaken opposing thoughts, desires or
Feelings of the occupied. The good news is, through the atoning death of Christ Jesus, there was an exchange on the cross, whereby all people are assured of forgiveness and salvation (Isa 53: 3-5) when they repent (Mk
1.14 to 15). That means healing too. Because “he bore our diseases … and through his wounds is us Healed ”(1 Peter 2:24). We can receive holistic healing of the body (body, soul, spirit) supernaturally if we repent and believe in Jesus Christ. (Mk 16.15-20) It is the Spirit given by God that makes man alive. We see our body, however not really us. Your soul is made up of mind, will and feeling through our experiences, decisions and Actions affect our “inner” life. We are ourselves for everything we do or refrain from doing responsible. Approximately 90% of the illnesses have mental and / or mental causes that are on the physical level become symptomatically palpable and visible. Spiritual causes are misconduct in relation to God’s instructions for use (Exodus 15:26) can show as mental, mental and physical dysfunctions. Increases in premiums or the closure of health insurance funds and any additional payments make people not healthier. Medicine and other medicinal measures, cannot bring permanent healing if we ignore God and Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, it could Health system to be half cheaper, we followed God’s orders. Read below Button ‘Prayer Effect’ how Spokane / USA once became the “healthiest city in the world”.

Spiritual illness take attention

Today’s people in the western world are having trouble with it believe that illness can be a work of Satan. They see this view as medieval, superstitious and totally unbelievable in an enlightened age. The ancient world is seen as immature and half-baked in their belief that Disease can be caused by demons. Disease caused as demonic
for western people to accept means to have a primitive understanding of the world to have. Western orthodox medicine is convinced that viruses and disease Pathogen is caused not by demons. While it is certainly true
that certain viruses and pathogens in certain diseases are always in the diseased Are to be found person, they are not the real and only cause, but primarily a symptom. In the Western world view, one makes oneself about it
ridiculous that illness could be a direct work of Satan and rejects it Point of view totally. Many don’t even believe that it is the devil and demon really exists.”Take two aspirins and call me again tomorrow.” What is the first thing we do when we have a headache or fever or other Get complaints? Let’s pray or let’s go to the medicine cabinet and get us two aspirin? If the latter is the case, it means that we See illness as something physical rather than spiritual? It is not a question of despising all other explanations for an illness. If we have a stinging toothache, we shouldn’t automatically every time assume that Satan is tormenting us. We can value the certain Recognize medical measures and still a biblical belief have and understand and take into account that Satan can be the source of physical suffering can. Have we become so blind because today we isolate a deadly virus and unite it
can give Greek or Latin names? There is undoubtedly an element of mysterious and insidious evil in diseases. They rob us of ours Children or spouses make us inactive and unproductive, take away our joy alive and our visions and plans and steal our hope. If Jesus met illnesses, he did not philosophize about them. He didn’t make any psychological study. He also did not theologize about it. He explained that Course of the disease not in medical terminology. He just made short ones Process and healed the person concerned. If only we were like Jesus!

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