Christian Healing Ministries is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer.


Church of Jesus Healing Ministries offers private 90-minute prayer sessions with two of our trained volunteer prayer ministers. If you would like to schedule a prayer appointment, Contact us  we can schedule you an appointment. The appointments are free of charge, but donations are always welcome.


We have had countless testimonies of God answering prayers when we pray using only first names. Furthermore, this policy helps to ensure the privacy of those receiving prayer.

– We receive several thousand requests each month so please refrain from sending duplicate requests in the same month. Feel free to resubmit the same name each month if you are still in need of intercessory prayer. We believe God will hear your prayers and of those praying on your behalf.


The Day of Healing Prayer (DHP) is a day of worship, ministry and fellowship. The primary focus of the day is the Generational Healing Service which involves individual prayer for healing in a group setting. During the service, the Steward of Ministry will guide the participants through a corporate liturgy of forgiveness and healing for family sin and brokenness.

Healing Our Church Will Not Heal the Church

Nothing is going to get better if we’re not willing to tell the truth. And the truth is, parishioners who are in shock and questioning their faith are not the real victims here. Although families of abuse survivors suffer terribly, they aren’t the primary victims either. That ought to go without saying.  The people whom the priests abused and the bishops silenced, are the victims.

The father instructed me To heal people. There are no incurable diseases. I do not only heal people in God Names, but at the same time they are freed from their sins and thereby find theirs (Revelation 7.3) (James 5.13-16) People experience who they are in God’s eyes, who you used to be and what is the best way for your future. All exemptions are free, Deliverance of all types do not have to be paid. (Matthew 10.8) I also offer training by allowing people to learn to heal in spirit, but this costs something.

(Revelation 7.3) (James 5.13-16) People experience who they are in God’s eyes, who you used to be and what is the best way for your future. All exemptions are free, Deliverance of all types do not have to be paid. (Matthew 10.8) I also offer training by allowing people to learn to heal in spirit, but this costs something.

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What happens next?

Deep wounds can control our behavior and the way we live our lives. We make poor choices. We lack joy in our lives. We have limited capacity to handle life situations. We wonder what is wrong with us or blame others. Only God, Who created you and knows you intimately can get to the deep roots of pain and bring freedom and healing.

Going trough the hard time?

Have you ever struggled with understanding your own behavior? Are you confused by the choices you make? Do the same kinds of scenarios keep happening in your life? Do you have ongoing depression or sadness? Feelings of self-hatred? Do you have panic attacks, or live in anxiety?

Why you are not receiving healing

God heals and you too can heal. God heals broken bodies, broken minds, broken hearts and broken lives. His presence alone has immense healing powers. You cannot be close to him without experiencing some degree of healing. So you may be wondering why you haven’t received his healing? You have not received it because you haven’t asked for it. You receive God’s healing energy that flows naturally, whether you are seeking it or not. But there is much more energy that is powerful and available to those who ask.

Spiritual illness take attention Today’s people in the western world are having trouble with it believe that illness can be a work of Satan. They see this view as medieval, superstitious and totally unbelievable in an enlightened age.

The ancient world is seen as immature and half-baked in their belief that Disease can be caused by demons. Disease caused as demonic for western people to accept means to have a primitive understanding of the world to have. Western orthodox medicine is convinced that viruses and disease Pathogen is caused not by demons. While it is certainly true that certain viruses and pathogens in certain diseases are always in the diseased Are to be found person, they are not the real and only cause, but primarily a symptom. In the Western world view, one makes oneself about it ridiculous that illness could be a direct work of Satan and rejects it Point of view totally. Many don’t even believe that it is the devil and demon really exists.”Take two aspirins and call me again tomorrow.” What is the first thing we do when we have a headache or fever or other Get complaints? Let’s pray or let’s go to the medicine cabinet and get us two aspirin? If the latter is the case, it means that we See illness as something physical rather than spiritual? It is not a question of despising all other explanations for an illness. If we have a stinging toothache, we shouldn’t automatically every time assume that Satan is tormenting us. We can value the certain Recognize medical measures and still a biblical belief have and understand and take into account that Satan can be the source of physical suffering can. Have we become so blind because today we isolate a deadly virus and unite it can give Greek or Latin names? There is undoubtedly an element of mysterious and insidious evil in diseases. They rob us of ours Children or spouses make us inactive and unproductive, take away our joy alive and our visions and plans and steal our hope. If Jesus met illnesses, he did not philosophize about them. He didn’t make any psychological study. He also did not theologize about it. He explained that Course of the disease not in medical terminology. He just made short ones Process and healed the person concerned. If only we were like Jesus!


Trauma is the result of living in a fallen world, apart from the divine intention of the God who created us. We all experience trauma in various forms. The question is how does it influence our lives? Sometimes trauma is obvious, but some trauma is very subtle, and we could even be prone not to think of it as trauma, yet we have these nagging things in our life that we cannot explain. NOT FORGET HEALING IS FOR FREE


God please deliver me from my anxiety and worry. I’m overcome by fear and depression. Help me to be the cheerful, healthy, strong and the joyous person I used to be. Help me to be a better wife and mother too. Please deliver me in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for a financial miracle for me

Father God, Jesus said that whatever we ask of you in His name, You will Grant’s us. Father I ask you to grant me a financial blessing so substantial, that I can pay off all of my debts, pay off my legal debts, retire from my job and pay for health…

Money blessing favor and prosperity

Heaven father I thank you and I asked you to send me prosperity and good fortune starting this new year help me with the job and thank you for a new vehicle by faith thank you for prosperity thank you for miracle money I’m depending on you thank you God almighty amen


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